They have low student-to-teacher ratios in the classroom that allows teachers to interact with children on a closer basis. The average number of students in private schools range up to 40 students compared with public schools that can average a total of 60 to 80.

Teachers have a chance of getting to know their students using the private classroom set up. The students would be given prior concentration when it comes to monitoring areas where they are struggling or excelling.

Research studies have found out that children who attend private schools learn more efficient strategies when coping with learning issues including emotion and problem-oriented coping methods. Students who use emotion-oriented coping have better chances of overcoming their problems, especially with their relationship issues.

Students in private schools are given the privilege of seeking support from spiritual groups including talking to friends and seeking out professional help from guidance counsellors in their school. Compared to public school children who were left on their own to solve their problem, children in private schools have the privilege of finding someone or having someone to go to when they are in need of help.

Issues with Low Discipline Problems

Due to the smaller number of students inside the classroom, there is a lower chance of disciplinary problems occurring. Teachers have the chance of getting to know their students on a personal level and can help monitor any discouraging behaviour and curtail it as soon as possible.

Public school is a right given to every students and are also given attention in order to solve any negative aspects they might have. But because of the high number of students attending, not everyone can receive the same attention and care.

Effect of Funding and Influence of Rules and Regulations

There is a big difference between public and private schools systems especially when it comes to funding. While public schools do not charge tuition fees, this does not mean that it is being provided with the best facilities. Private schools are given the chance to change the school system rules and can upgrade their services as well as bureaucratic processes that will affect the rules and regulations of their schools.

Private schools have an advantage because they can obtain financial funding from the parents directly and they have direct contact with people who can help them transform their school system unlike public school systems that have to rely with the help of the government.