There are many different kinds of Special Education Learning Disabilities. Some people learn things differently than others. In the next few paragraph’s we will be talking about some of the different learning styles of those with these Special Education Learning Disabilities.

Some people learn easier by reading books. There are those that retain it well by reading the material and other’s that read the material and not five minutes later that have completely forgot what they had just read a few minutes prior.

Some people prefer more of a hands on approach. Some people with reading retention issues, prefer actually doing what they are learning over and over again to retain it rather than reading about what they are studying.

Some people need to hear their lessons repeated over again a few times before it sticks and the person understands exactly what is being taught to them. Back years ago people with this challenge, were sometimes teased by people asking if they had a hollow head because things would go in one ear and right out the other.

Some people have to take detailed notes. There are those who take notes of just the major points in a lecture and those who try really hard to write down every word in fear that they might miss something if they don’t get every single detail that their teacher is talking about.

Some people require someone to help them take notes. If you have a teacher who is going super fast to the point where you just can’t keep up and keep raising your hand to have him or her repeat things, you might talk to the teacher or school counselor outside of class and have them arrange for you someone who can either come in and take accurate notes for you or find someone in the class currently who already takes good notes and explain to that student that their is another student in the class (without disclosing who that student is) that is struggling with the note taking and the teacher would like to make a photo copy of their notes to give to the student having trouble.