In the past, using lessons to make students laugh would not have been considered as something official or necessary, but today researchers and educators are being open with the idea.Research states that humour is effective in making sure that children with disabilities achieve success in their life and learning. The goal is to help kids associate school with fun and adventure instead of monotonous activities.Children with disabilities have low-self esteem and would require the help of teachers and classmates around them to help them see that life is still worthwhile despite the disability. The importance of Fun Activities as Part of Teaching StrategiesIn order to create a learning environment that is properly suited for children with disabilities, it would be best to create an inspiring environment. Teachers have to use humour as part of their teaching strategy because it helps diffuse tension inside the classroom especially if the situation inside the classroom has already escalated.Adding humour in the lecture and in dealing with children can help reduce the stress. Humour inside the classroom can add colours to the room. There is a higher chance of elevating the mood of the children in order to get them interested on what the teacher has to say. The classroom will provide a positive experience that these children can look forward to the next day. Most children with disabilities and special needs are facing mental stress and they can use a break every now and then from the tedious school work and lectures being provided.Humour can help reduce stress inside the classroom and will also give the teacher and the student time to communicate and interact on another level. One of the major goals in using humour inside the classroom is to create a happy and relaxed environment.Responding lightly to some of the unacceptable behaviours of the children can be effective at times, humour can be used in dealing with them instead of punishment especially with children who have special needs. The aim of using humour inside the classroom is to help divert the negative issues and turn them into useful energy that the children can relate with.The teachers must aim to divert the attention of the students to something productive. The goal is to maximize the learning of the students instead of focusing on the punishment inside the classroom environment.