This is a psychiatric behavior disorder that can disrupt the learning ability of a person because it has the tendencies of making a person aggressive and purposefully bothersome and irksome to other people around them. This can disrupt their school, work and social relations.

Children who are suffering from ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) have a tendency to refuse to follow commands and requests given by adults. They have the tendency of arguing and will have a hard time complying rules in the school and even at home.

They have hard time learning because they easily annoy and blame others for their mistakes. These children are stubborn and will really test the limit of their teachers and guardians. Children with this type of learning disorder and behavioral problem like to induce fights inside the family and will turn the attention away from them but will incite parents and other people.

While it is normal for children to have episodes of defiant behavior from time to time, those who are suffering from this behavior will have a hard time going to school, will hardly be able to adjust inside the school system and will have difficulty over forming social relationships.

What are the symptoms?

Children with this disorder have shorter tempers. They can keep arguing with adults and can defy simple requests. They will deliberately annoy people and will blame others. They do not like people touching them and they are often unkind and speak harshly. Children who have this disorder will have a high tendency of revenge and will be demanding even at an early age.

The diagnosis has to be done by a professional in order to determine if the child is undergoing this mental problem, a professional needs to perform a comprehensive evaluation. According to research theories, people experience this developmental disorder as a result of incomplete development. They got stuck in the 2-3 year old defiant stage. But this can also result from a negative living environment.

With the right learning environment, there is a high chance that children will grow out of it. If it is not handled well, some children will experience ADHD problems as they grow older and can lead to conduct disorder in the future. Certain studies suggest that this can be cured by using Ritalin. This can be used for ODD and ADHD.