Many times it is possible to correct problems before they are over whelming. There are many places to find help for the child and the family. Special needs children need the support of the entire family.

Children with special educational needs can begin training at a very early age. Many medical facilities offer classes for children. The place to start is with your local physician. He will refer you to the proper places to find help for your child. There are medical centers that screen for autism and other handicaps. They will then direct the parent to the proper resources.

Most children with special needs will be put on an IEP. It is an individual educational program. The school nurse, physiologist, teacher and other knowledgeable people will work together to create the right classes for the young person.

They might suggest a physical therapist, a speech therapist and a behavioral therapist. Many school districts provide these services free. It is also possible to use them privately. The goal is to create independence for the child and to let them reach their full potential.

Special Olympics are an excellent source for parents to get the child involved. They can find a sport they enjoy and have fun training and feel successful. Skiing, track, swimming and other popular activities are available.

Summer camps are enjoyed by students with disabilities. Easter seals offer a day camp in many areas of the country. Children go everyday and enjoy the camping experience with other campers with disabilities. It is important to handicapped children to stay busy during the summer months so they do not lose ground.

Parents are the best advocate for the child. It is their responsibility to research every area possible to help the young person. They are very important in the process. There are many resourses available. It will depend on the area of the country you live in. Many families are assigned a case worker who can help monitor the child’s progress.

Parents need to ask questions and never give up. Their child will walk their own walk, but with the proper resources, they will reach potentials no one believed they could. It is a wonderful walk to be part of. Success is in the future of every handicapped child.