It is one effective communication method and can target several learning areas like language, literacy, numeracy, communication as well as physical, emotional and mental aspects of children.

It is a positive and rewarding experience, what students cannot express in direct words they can present in their drawings. Teachers and parents can gain much insight on what their children are thinking about by simply looking at the artworks that they were able to create.

Art materials like clay, paint, colourful paper, crayons, pencils and other tools that can be used to produce art needs to be given to children who have special needs. This will be their medium of expression and this could be a way to check if the children can offer something special when it comes to producing works of art. An art program has to be given to the children, the tasks should be enjoyable and children must be given a chance to prepare for the work that lies ahead for this art program.

The artworks do not have to make use of expensive materials. Teachers can use cheap materials. This in turn will allow the students to use their imagination in order to provide amazing artworks in the process.

Tips for success in creating an art program:

  1. Teachers need to be prepared- It is a must to have the necessary tools before proceeding to projects in line with art. Before class the teacher has to check if they have enough art materials to last the hour. These must also be evenly distributed to avoid unwanted stress and fighting coming from children who have special needs.
  2. The bottle or containers must also be easy to open and must not provide a cause of irritation to the children.
  3. Have a clear goal for the project – Each of the students in the class must understand and must be given a specific goal on why they are doing the artwork.
  4. The teacher would have to plan out if the art program will help the children express themselves more freely or if the art activity is set on making the child more confident about themselves.
  5. Set a time frame for the goal to be achieved – The teacher must be able to state when they intend to see progress in the work that the students are providing in order to check if the objectives are being followed.