In todays learning set-up more and more students with learning disabilities are being included and taught in regular classrooms and because of this, educators would need to undergo special training in order to make sure that this will be a positive experience for the students.

Teachers have the responsibility of making sure that the classroom will contain a curriculum that special children would be able to grasp even while inside a regular classroom.

There is a need to modify the teaching strategies in order to make sure that students with disabilities or special students would be able to keep up. There is a need to provide the necessary accommodations in order to make sure that the curriculum would be able to handle the needs of the learners.

Effective Teaching Strategies

One way to make the lesson easier is to make use of visual materials, have a verbal and written from of the lesson and make use of tools like whiteboard and overhead projector to get the attention of every student. This will make the hearing, seeing and learning process faster and easier.

It would also be good to provide group works and to pair children with special needs with those that do not have special needs and have them help each other to learn.
The group work does not have to be every day but it has to be done once in a while to foster cooperation and acceptance from one another.

Teachers have to avoid overwhelming the students with too much information. They must only set special points to ponder on in the lesson and to allow time for reflection and questions to be asked before proceeding to the new lesson.

Before starting a new chapter, the teacher needs to be able to present a review of the past lesson and to connect it with the upcoming chapters to help students grasp the idea faster.

In order to avoid information overload, it would be best to go for smaller chunks of information and then to just add bits of information on the side. The teacher would have to make sure that the children have understood the lesson especially those who have disabilities.

This can be tested through a test. It might be in the form of paper work or oral exam. This will be especially important in lessons like mathematics as well as grammar.