More and more students with disabilities like autism are being allowed to mingle in a regular classroom setting upon the provision of the law. However, it does not mean that they will be able to easily mingle with the mainstream type of learning.
Students with autism and children with other disabilities face what they call a multi-faceted challenge. Because of this, multi-faceted challenge when it comes to learning, teachers must also learn to help the students learn and cope using a multi-faceted way of learning.

What are the things that a teacher must focus on?

Once a child is diagnosed to have ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the child should be provided with medications to help them get in control. Children who have ADHD would need to undergo evaluation and medications in order to get on with their lives. After taking medications this will be the only time that these children will be able to include themselves in a regular classroom setting.

After taking this medications there should be an incredible increase in focus.

Increasing Focus of Students

Children suffering from ADHD need to be cured of their inability to relax and stay focused. The goal of educators and parents is to get hold of this negative behaviour when it comes to focus. There should be a complete negation of the system if they are aiming for the child to have a consistent and orderly life.

The role of the teacher is not really to make the child focus on all aspects. They would just need to be able to teach the children to focus on the task at hand during school time in order for the child to finish substantial work while they are still at school.

Another facet that has to be improved by children with ADHD is their capacity to cooperate. There is a need to teach the children the value of cooperation if they are going to function normal in the world as they grow older.

The teachers and the parents have to work together to check the best time where the medication would set in. This is needed in order to make sure that the child will be cooperating during provision of the lessons and to lessen the disruption of work.

The Use of Technology

When it comes to improving focus of children with ADHD technology can be employed. Children with ADHD can find ample use with brand new technology that is provided by android technology. They can make use of the applications found in iPods to get the interest of children with ADHD.

The subject and teaching methods can look more interesting and enticing for children who have very short attention span.