Most online Special Education programs serve as an add on certification to an already existing teaching certificate. This requires a pre-existing bachelor’s degree. Other programs are geared for professionals at the Masters or Doctorate degree level. Some programs outshine others in their programs and curriculum offerings.

Western Governor’s University

This degree is one of only a few bachelor’s in Special Education available online. The degree not only offers online classes but 12 – 20 weeks classroom practicums in teaching experience. Each students is provided a mentor who assists in planning course work, monitoring teaching and assisting the student in completing graduation requirements. The course is self paced and students can expect the degree to take from 2 to 5 years, depending on previous educational hours and the number of classes taken each term. Ensure that your school district will recognize this bachelors degree.

Drexel University

This online program gears itself for teachers already in the field of education. The main purpose is to provide an add on certification in Special Education. This program is a graduate level educational opportunity. For those already having core education courses the curriculum includes 31.5 credits in Special Education Certification courses. For students without a core education foundation, an additional 9 pre-requisite educational hours are required. This educational track is only for teachers in the state of Pennsylvania or those wanting to transfer their certificate to the state.

Kentucky State University

The Kentucky State degree is tailored for those in the field of Special Education looking to receive a specialty degree in Learning Behavior Disorders. The degree is geared for those already teaching or having taught in the field of Special Education. The need for those certified in learning Behavior Disorders continues to grow in the Special Education field. This certification is highly sought out in schools offering education for children with autism, who often display behavior issues. The program includes 346 to 45 credit hours, depending on prior educational experience in the Special Educational field.

Verify certification requirements with your area or state. Not all districts require the same education or practicum experience. Also contact your state’s Department of Teacher Certification to verify that the program you choose fulfills your state’s certification requirements. Also consider your area of specialty as Special Education includes many sub specialties.