To understand the vast amount of types of specials needs look to the Federal Citizen Information Center website. There you will find government and private sources available for parents of special needs children.

Special needs include ADHD, Autism, Asperger, Cerebral Palsy, Reading and Learning disabilities, Deaf and blind students. Many books and articles can be found on Children’s Disability Information. One such article discusses the special concerns parents have when they have a child with a disability. There may be shock and disbelief along with grief. Online resources are available to help parents understand and accept. Parents need to consider educational placement; will their children go to a public or private school. Will the school have all the necessary resources to deal with your child’s special need whether emotional, mental or physical? These concerns are overwhelming at times, but there is comfort in knowing your child is in the best place possible. Armed with as much information as possible, parents can be reassured of decisions they make.

Another great resource for parents and children are support groups. There are groups for every special need and if there is not one in your area, think about starting one. Reclusion and separation only increases anxiety and depression.

Some great books are available for both parent and child.

Books for parents include:

Books for children include: