Children with autism have strong emotions and do not deal with feelings appropriately. Students suffering from autism do not respond to their names when called and hardly make eye contact when talking to other people. They will also have a hard time understanding various emotions being projected to them and cannot provide the correct social cues for what they are thinking or feeling.

This can be observed in their facial expressions and voice. Teachers have to learn to look for this signs and treat them according to the necessary learning steps.

In the past, when signs of autism have not yet been fully understood a lot of children had to undergo ridicule because of their sickness. Teachers thought they were just showing bad behavior and they were not given proper attention.

Today, school curricula now accommodate the aspect of autism. Many schools have yet to understand how to deal with learning disabilities, but even developing countries are finding a way to teach educators on how to properly deal with students with learning disabilities.

Teachers have to be patient. Children with autism lack empathy and face enormous struggle in showing what they really feel. Special lessons have to be given to make sure that they will be able to follow instruction. The learning environment has to be encouraging and supportive as well as creative to entice children to learn. The environment has to encourage social interactions.

The activities have to be planned accordingly. It should not upset the children and it must not upset the daily routine of the children in order to avoid children from showing temper tantrum like shouting, moving or shoving the furniture. It is normal for children with autism to be withdrawn and quite to have a hard time expressing what they feel.

In the past, autism was seen as a form of mental retardation, but this has been proven wrong since some children with autism show excellent learning skills, especially when they have already undergone proper treatment and correct self-expression.

Several aspects of autism have to be dealt with like social skills, speech, language as well as restricted activities and limited interests. All of this can be treated using utmost care and attention especially with the students’ patterns of behavior.