It is with the belief that there are certain educational communities and systems that will work better for the child. Choosing a regular classroom setting is not usually effective for some and they would require more care and attention in order to be able to function properly in the current world system.

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis?

There are certain more advanced schools for children with special needs that offer Applied Behaviour Analysis. Using this program, students with disabilities can thrive and achieve academic success.

What are the positive aspects of this learning method?

In recent years, there has been so many theories with regards to the proper type of teaching method that should be used by teachers in order to help the growth of the academic skills of the children.

One of the theories that have gained immense popularity is the ABA or the Applied Behaviour Analysis. This is considered as an intervention program. It is specially formulated for children with autism. In here, students undergo professional evaluation of their current skills and strategies. This is needed in order for the educators to be able to create a useful behavioural intervention while the students are growing.

The ABA program can be listed in the students with autism IEP or what they call as Individualized Education Plan. This resource can be used when checking for results and strategies that will be reviewed by teachers. The goal of this program is to strengthen the skills and positive aspects of the student.

The students are encouraged to repeat a desirable behaviour that they have already exhibited and to improve it. They are asked to practice daily and will be asked to break down their behavioural skills. The educators monitor the simple to complex tasks that children with autism can do and as they continue to do it and hone their craft they will be given a positive reward. This reward could be in the form of game play, praise and other rewards that the educators can think of.

This program also makes use of what they call as teaching imitation where in the teacher provides a certain command that the child will follow and if the children will follow the command they will be given certain rewards in the process to continue reinforcing the behaviour.