It will be located on the campus of the Vista School in the special education department and building area. Originally Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services founded in 1908 as a Jewish orphanage. Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services offer the largest and most comprehensive care and education facilities compared to anywhere in the nation. The facilities offer care and programs for children and adolescents that are experiencing emotional, social, behavioral, and developmental problems and challenges. Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services help over 6,000 children and families every year through their 45 different programs that are offered. $1.3 million was donated for the construction of the new building and facility by Al and Hedi Azus. Their names will be present on the new building once built. There will also be a children’s fund established that will consist of $500,000 which came from the donation money as well. Many years ago, decades actually, Al Azus was a client himself of Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services. At the time that he had to use Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services, he was sinking financially and could not stay afloat. He ended up having to bring his own two children to Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services for care while he looked for employment. Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services were able to temporarily place the children in foster care until he was able to be gainfully employed again. Currently, he has now resided on the board for over 25 years. Today Al Azus has now become the successful president and founder of the Alna Envelope Company in Los Angeles, California. Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services board chairman, by the name of Carol Katzman, spoke with the Azus family at the groundbreaking ceremony of the new building. She stated to the family that she knew that they placed a high priority on education, just like so many other people at the ceremony did as well. She went on to say that she feels there is every reason to believe that Vista will be the best private and special education school in California. Furthermore, she felt that their gift to the facility will mean that children with special needs and challenges will still be able to learn and thrive through their programs. That these children will one day be able to leave Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services with the desire to be successful when they go out into the world. They will have the tools that they need to do so.