This study is being supported by the research that was created by the Michigan State University scholars.According to Brooke Ingersoll, an MSU assistance professor of psychology, they believe that they now have a better understanding of what autism is in infants and toddlers compared with what they know a few years ago.In the study that they have released, they stated that toddlers and preschoolers who have autism have a better chance at succeeding in learning when they imitate the skills of other normal children.The children are taught to pay attention to objects, gestures and eye contact in order to cover up for the deficiencies that they have due to autism.Imitation is one basic factor in the developing of the skills of infants and young children and this can be used by children with autism as well. This research was also supported in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders as they have analyzed children from 27 months to 47 months old who have autism.They stated that even though children are typically diagnosed from age 2 and 3, according to the new studies the presence of autism in infants 12 months old can already be detected.Autism can be corrected if detected early. Using this study, doctors are now easier to detect if the child is exhibiting the right behavior even though they are only 12 months old. Using this early intervention, they can prevent the development of autism as they grow older. Children would be able to receive early treatment especially with their social communication skills.Children with autism will normally have a hard time interacting and relating with others, causing them to have a much harder time at grasping information. In order to avoid suffering from the consequences of autism, intensive therapy can be done right away.Children who receive therapy at an early age would have better chances at school and in various social settings because they will be able to learn the right speech. Occupational therapy is needed in order for these children to be able to cope with their symptoms. The earlier the treatment the better the advancements and chances in the social communication skills of the child will be able to experience.Children at the age of 5 who are nonverbal can gain significant help with the use of intensity of speech therapy. By targeting the problems specific skills can be improved over t time.