Almost every student has a cell phone with access to the Internet. Even with out Internet access there are educational applications for iPhone, iPad, android, tablets and so on. The methods for teaching students and special needs students are expanding. Some schools are going all iPad. Meaning all students will have iPads with digital textbooks and new learning tools. Some of the new learning tools that are out there that can be especially helpful for special needs students are educational applications. There are applications that are subject specific that include many different learning strategies. There are interactive lessons with peaceful nature sound in the background. Interactive Quizzes with state test questions in a format that makes it feel like a game. Daily topic specific news updates, fun educational videos from youtube and flash cards by topic are other features some of these educational apps. For special needs students these types of applications can be very useful. The student who cannot focus on one type of learning at a time can flip back and fourth through the app to stay focused. The student who is an extremely visual learner will be attracted to the devices colorful screen of pictures in the lesson. The student who has trouble writing notes or preparing them self for a test can simply open up previous lessons and practice on the interactive quizzes of the apps. The student who is a auditory learner can listen to nature sounds while reviewing topics or watch videos related to each topic. The very high performing student can find interesting topic related daily news and summarize it for the class. All of these options can be utilized through one educational app. For an example in New York there are educational apps that are specific to each class. All of these classes are required to take the New York State Regents Exam. Bio Regents Buddy, Physics Regents Buddy, US History Regent Buddy, Geometry Regents Buddy, Chem Regents Buddy, Earth Science Regents Buddy, Global History Regents Buddy and Integrated Regents Algebra Buddy are all apps that have these features that could be helpful to all learners. App developers also want teachers and students feedback to make sure they are the best they can possibly be for student learning. Most developers will give away free promotional codes so teacher can try them out for free. The age we live in today people minds are stuck inside our cell phones or devices. Learning on these devices is inevitable. Teachers should take advantage of these tools. Here is a link that shows some features of one of these educational apps Global History Regents Buddy If you are a teacher who would like to try to implement these apps in your classroom for free please email for a promo code. I can give you promo codes for these apps Bio Regents Buddy, Chem Regents Buddy, Physics Regents Buddy, Earth Science Regents Buddy, Environmental Science Buddy, Human Body Buddy, Global History Regents Buddy, US History Regents Buddy, Astronomy Buddy, Geometry Regents Buddy, Health Ed Buddy and Integrated Algebra Regents Buddy. News by Frederick Feraco (Developer of the Apps and Teacher in NYC)